Not Working on IE9

Apr 1, 2014 at 1:53 PM
Edited Apr 1, 2014 at 3:39 PM
Hello ,

I have now checked for the javascript errors and found this error
"Object doesn't support property or method 'autocomplete' " in the AutocompleteLookupFieldEditor.ascx file in the line number 56 , please tell me if you had this error before and how to solve it.

I have downloaded the solution and tried it with my SharePoint 2010 installation but it doesn't work. The option for autocomplete lookup field is present in the field creation page and I can create one. but the add new item page doesn't show any auto-completion. Even when I write something without auto completion and press save the field becomes empty in AllItems view.

I tried this with IE9 , Chrome, and firefox all gave the same behavior.

I downloaded the source code ,built and deployed it and tried to debug the code.
this is what happen :
1-when I press add new item, the source code is called and several function calls is made with empty box.
2-when I press save a several source code functions are called at the end.
3-when I try to write any thing in the textbox no thing is called and the code never stop running as if no thing is happening.

I think the jquery code doesn't call the lookup functions.
is there any thing I can do to fix this behavior. I checked that the jquery code is present in the layout folder